Names and photos changed for confidentiality


Abortion is not over in a moment. It is a Lifetime.

“I cant be pregnant. Im supposed to start at Louisiana Tech this fall. My boyfriend split up with me and Im entirely alone.” When Randi went to the Care Pregnancy Clinic seeking an abortion this summer, she was feeling hopeless and distraught. She never expected to ever need yours and our LIFE Saving help!

Walking into a full waiting room, Randi was irritated. She was rehearsing how brainless she was to allow herself to get into this predicament. Looking at the other girls waiting, she never imagined she would be one of those kinds of girls.

Then she heard her name as the medical assistant called her into the exam room. When she saw Tessa, the CPC nurse practitioner, Randi could not hold back her tears.

“What do I do now?” Randi asked. “I was thinking I could just take the pill and it will be done.” After Randi consented to have the scan, Tessa said, “Lets find out for surethere is a baby with an ultrasound and see how far along you are.” Tessa measuring the baby on the screen said, “Lets take a look. Here are your babys little fingers.” Randi asked, “Is she waving at me?” Tears rolled down Randi cheeks as she stared at the screen. “I didnt know. Everyone said it wasnt a baby yet, and hurry up and abort before it becomes one. Aborting my baby doesnt seem to be okay anymore. Oh, shoot! I don’t know what to do now. No abortion for me!”

Due to our generous LIFE GIVERS, Randis hope was restored that day because of their generosity. We need your help to save the lives of babies just like Randis. Please give now , a one-time gift of $30. No LIFE gift donation is too small or too large to save a BABY and their mother from abortion. Please dont let girls like Randi feel that abortion is the answer. Become a LIFE GIVER today by providing an ultrasound for a scared girl or pledge $30 per month.


14 and Terrified

Melissa walked into the Care Pregnancy Clinic (CPC) with her best friend one afternoon after school last April. She was terrified. Cindy was the nurse on duty that day and began to talk to Melissa about her situation. “I think I am pregnant and didnt know where else to go. I went to church with my friend and heard the pastor talking about the Care Pregnancy Clinic. I hope you can help me.”

Often, whenever the abortion issue is addressed from the pulpit, it SAVES LIVES just like Melissa and her baby. After Melissa reconfirmed her pregnancy test, Cindy asked her if she would be open to confirm the test via ultrasound. Cindy our CPC nurse began to show Melissa her 11 week baby, and Melissa says “Can I see? Look how big!”. Cindy told her it’s as big as a lime, and has all his organs and is beginning to grow teeth and wiggle his hands. “Wow, I didnt know all that. Can you show my mom? She wants me to get an abortion.” When her mom arrived at the CPC, she was reluctant to view the ultrasound fearing what she would see. But when Melissa’s mom saw her grandbaby on the screen, she began to cry, “I wish someone had talked to me like this when I was a little girl. Maybe Melissas sister would still be here. Thank you for helping my daughter!


Created by a Loving God

Mandi channel surfed from station to station as she tried to forget about the positive pregnancy test. She couldnt believe it and didnt know what to do. Should she call her boyfriend? She put the remote down, grabbed her phone, and googled for Abortion Clinics in Baton Rouge. Our Achoice.org website popped up first and she called to speak with our CPC 24/7 decision line. “How much does it cost to get an abortion?” She asked her, “How do you know you are pregnant?” And listened for her response. She informed her that our doctors recommend she comes in for an immediate medical consultation.” She made an immediate appointment for the next morning at the Care Pregnancy Clinic. She couldnt sleep a wink. “

During her medical consultation, the CPC nurse Sarah listened to Mandis fears which prompted the CPC nurse to provide the possible abortion risk facts should she continue on the path for an abortion. She thought she was 12 weeks and was afraid she could be farther along and wanted to know for sure. Mandi agreed to an ultrasound; as she couldnt believe she was as far along as Sarah, RN had predicted. Her monthly had always been irregular and she thought she just had a virus upsetting her stomach the last few weeks. As the CPC nurse began to find her baby on the ultrasound, Mandis eyes were glued to the screen. With a glow on her face she burst out, “Is that my baby? I cant believe it!” Sarah, RN concluded with the medical consultation and noticed Mandi felt all alone and explored if she wanted to get closer to God, and with tears in her eyes, she said, “Yes.” Mandi finally began to understand that her baby was created by a loving God and that He wanted the best for her and her baby. Mandi was so excited when she saw the Baby Boutique and that she would have help even if her boyfriend wouldnt.


An Everlasting, Real Love

Shantel wants to be the cheerleader everybody loves. She knows that all it takes to become the school floozy is one tweet away. If anyone finds out she is pregnant, it will be all over school in a matter of seconds and then she will be a humiliated teenage girl forever. Shantel thinks, “I must take the pill that will keep the pregnancy shame away.”

It was 1:00 AM when she found the Care Pregnancy Clinic 24/7 decision line on Google and when she called she was surprised to hear a kind voice. During her visit with our CPC nurse, Cindy, Shantel said “I do not want to have this baby now because I will become the school pariah”. Cindy asks her if she wanted to know for sure and Shantel consented to the ultrasound.

Cindy began the ultrasound scan and Shantel could see her baby standing straight up. She could no longer deny her baby as real and she seemed surprised and said, “Now what can I do? I cannot have a baby now.” Shantel listened as tears shined in her eyes and she watched her baby jump around inside her tummy doing flips. She sat and thought for a while, watching her baby and then raised her eyes to Cindy and said, “I made this mistake. How do I fix it?”

Cindy asked Shantel, “Can I talk to you about real love?” With tears streaming, she said ok. The CPC nurse began to teach her about treating love as a verb. “Love is not how you look on the outside. Its what is inside you that counts. Right now you have a little baby inside you that needs your love. She needs you to love her actively and fervently.”

Shantel replied, “I will not make another hasty mistake. Thank you for showing me what it means to love for real and being honest even though I did not want to face it!”


Prayer Made a Difference!

Jammora is seventeen years old and thought that having a boyfriend was the same as being in love. She had a rude awakening, after discovering her home pregnancy test had a great big blue positive. When she told her boyfriend, he said “Im not ready to have a baby in our life. You have to get an abortion.” Jammora’s dreams flashed before her; she saw herself walking down the isle with her daddy in a beautiful white dress. Then reality hit her and she realizes that her boyfriend Josh was no longer her knight in shining armor. He didnt protect her when she told him they were going to have a baby. She thought, “I guess this is the only way to make Josh happy. This is not what I thought my life would be like.” Thumbing through her phone, she found our achoice.org website when she googled abortion baton rouge.

The Care Pregnancy Clinic (CPC) nurse, Sarah, called Jammora back for her medical consultation. Jammora was anxious as she told Sarah, “I cant have my baby; I feel like my life would be different.” Sarah said, “Your assessment includes a free ultrasound so that you can know for sure if your pregnancy test is correct.” Jammora agreed that she wanted the ultrasound and was amazed as she watched her baby come to life on the ultrasound screen. “Oh, really! I see a silhouette of my baby. I thought it couldnt be real.” She followed her baby with her eyes as she watched him turn to face her. “Look, Jammora, your baby is looking at you! Look at him blink and there is his little fingers rubbing his eyes now.” Jammora grew very quiet as she watched her baby float inside her. Sarah asked Jammora if she would like to view the video of Dr. Noreen Johnson as she explains the abortion procedure; to know exactly what it means to have an abortion. When the video was over the CPC nurse Sarah also went over the Patients Rights form to remind her the dangers to herself if she should go through with the abortion.

Jammora left that day still planning to have her abortion. Our CPC nurses and counselors began praying after Jammora left that the Lord would speak to her fears. Our prayers were answered! When Sarah called her the next day to follow-up with her, Jammora said, “Can I meet to talk to you again? I dont know what to do, but I cant do that to my baby. Will you help me?” Sarah was relieved as she scheduled an immediate appointment that afternoon.

We thank everyone who prays for us daily, with The Lord and your prayers, it saves a life! Our clients may leave, but the TRUTH continues to guide. Your prayers make a difference. Please continue to pray for Jammora and the several girls we have seen daily just like her, that they will remain strong and make LIFE decisions for them and their babies!


Chose Life

Erin had a choice to make. Her boyfriend or her baby. She was beside herself and needed answers fast. Erin heard about the Care Pregnancy Clinic from her youth pastor. When she arrived for her appointment, it felt like an eternity before Sarah took her back to begin her medical consultation.

Erin was so relieved to finally have someone to put into words what she was feeling, someone who really cares about her dilemma and wouldnt ridicule her for wanting to keep her baby. Erin told the Care Pregnancy Clinic nurse, Sarah, “I thought this was supposed to be my Choice, but I feel like everyone is choosing for me. Even my parents think I must get an abortion. Theyre not ready for a baby!” Sarah, RN continued to listen and said, ” Its against the law to pressure a woman into having an abortion. Your right, Erin, it is your Choice. Erin asked for an ultrasound, thinking maybe this will change everyones mind “

As Erin stared at the ultrasound screen, Sarah began the scan, “This is your 10 week baby. Shes developing fast right now. Look at all her fingers and toes. Look at her roll around. She is such an active little girl! Her hearing is much better now and she can hear you talk and sing to her.” Erin was amazed that her baby could hear her talk. “You are there little baby, arent you!” Erin decided at that moment to give her baby girl a chance at life.

Ten months later, we were able to hear from Erin that her boyfriends perspective changed in an instant when he saw his baby girl, Christina, at the hospital. Our Support Director, Lynn was able to help Erin with some diapers, formula, and baby clothes. Erin told her how her parents are very supportive now and that Grandmammy is watching Christina while she goes to school to get her degree as a nurse so that she can help babies too!


Skeptic to Life!

Ciara was on the brink of aborting her baby. That is, until God stepped into her life and changed her heart through the Care Pregnancy Clinic medical consultation where she saw the heartbeat of her unborn baby daughter.

We honor all mothers’ caring for adoptive, foster, natural and spiritual children.

Its always satisfying to hear a story with a happy ending!

But unfortunately, here at the Care Pregnancy Clinic, we dont always get to see the end of every story. Its unsettling not always knowing the final decision, especially when it concerns someone youve prayed for.

In reality, knowing that God never gave up on her, even at the last minute, reinforces my faith that many of those incomplete stories have happy endings. You and the Care Pregnancy Clinic are merely a vessel in His hands and the only means to introduce our clients to God. He is ultimately responsible for changing the hearts of these young women. It is this fact that gives me the most hope. But for now, testimonies like Ciaras give me hope.

So please join me in giving thanks to God for this glimpse into the vital work He does behind the scenes. Dont get me wrong, we still have a great responsibility to educate and care for those who walk through our doors. But we can rest assured that He is always at work in their hearts – transforming our frightened young women into strong, loving, and faithful young mothers.

P.S. – Maybe someday when I get to heaven, God will take some time to sit down with me to share the ending of each of their stories.

Breanes Story

Breane new her parents would be mad at her when they found out she was pregnant, but she never imagined they would kick her out of the house. Her parents said she needed to grow up, only to her parents “growing up” meant having an abortion. She didnt think she could do that, but didnt know if there was another way. Her boyfriend just said she should do what she thought was… “best”. After barely passing high school last month, she was worried about her future, and she didnt know what she was going to do. She was alone, living with a friend who said she should go to the Care Pregnancy Clinic. She said that when she went to the front window to sign in, she was greeted with a sweet smile. “They were the nicest people and really cared about helping me.” After Breane gave the Care Pregnancy Clinic nurse Sarah consent to perform an ultrasound, she was completely put at ease. When she saw her baby on the screen, she was amazed at how she could see her babies hands and feet! “This is what is “Best” for me. Even with the baby surprise, I want to be the mother I am meant to be.”

The Right Choice

Coral, who is 15 years old, was nervous. She had to tell her boyfriend tonight she was pregnant. She had put it off for so long already because she didnt want to lose him. He seemed to be distracted lately and didnt know if she had done something wrong. When she finally got the nerves to tell him, his response was not what she was expecting. “You cant be pregnant. My parents will cut me off. Get an abortion or we are through.”

In tears, Coral made an appointment with the Care Pregnancy Clinic (CPC) after a friend told her they had helped her. When Coral met Sarah, the CPC nurse, she was immediately put at ease. After Coral gave her consent to do an ultrasound, she couldnt take her eyes off the screen. Her baby was there, right in front of her. “Coral, you can do what is right. If you abort your baby, you will never be able to take that back.” Coral began to see the truth. Some things were more important than a dating relationship she wasnt even sure would last. This was it. This was the right choice! Her life might be upside down, but it was time to turn it back right-side up.


Adaya walked into the Care Pregnancy Clinic noticeably shaken because she feared she may be pregnant and barely knew the father, Luke. Adaya needed a pregnancy test. She did not want to have an abortion; she felt the pressure to terminate her pregnancy if the test was positive. Well… the test was positive.

Adaya professed a relationship with Jesus Christ, and admitted she had made a big mistake with her lifestyle choices. She scheduled an ultrasound to determine how far along she was. She arrived for her appointment. Luke agreed to meet her at the Care Pregnancy Clinic, but left before the ultrasound.

Adaya had the ultrasound anyway, and smiled when she saw her baby on the monitor. She was excited to see the baby’s flashing heartbeat.

Your gift of $75.00 provides a client with a home visit! Just $100.00 provides a pregnancy test, counseling, and medical consultation to one young girl with accurate facts about abortion. A young teen struggling with a life decision can receive a medical consultation for $55.00 or she can see her baby via ultra-sound for $30.00.

I wish Adaya’s crisis pregnancy was unique. But sadly, there is an increase of young girls becoming abortion determined. All of us here at Caring to Love Ministries are forever grateful for generous friends like you, and we are committed to using your gift wisely. In fact, $0.95 of every $1 goes directly into saving lives.

After a couple of weeks Adaya scheduled another ultrasound to give Luke the opportunity to see his baby— but he did not make the appointment. Adaya brought a relative with her and together they saw the image of a very active baby.

We are delighted that Adaya has decided to parent and is participating in our childbirth, parenting, and lifestyle classes. She is committed to doing everything she can to deliver a healthy baby and has begun attending a local church.

Please reach out once again to the young teens and women feeling that their only solution is to terminate their pregnancy. You can donate by clicking on the donate button in the bottom of this page.

Please pray for Adaya and her baby during this time and for an open door to show Luke their baby.


I told myself I had to get an abortion,” is what the Care Pregnancy medical staff hears every day when young girls experiencing crisis pregnancies visit our clinic.  Lindsey was a straight “A” student with big plans for the future. When she learned that she was pregnant, she feared that a baby would ruin her life. Thanks to your prayers and support of the Care Pregnancy Clinic, this young girl chose life…

I was so frightened I didnt even let my mother know until I was about two and a half months along. When you are fifteen . . . the first thing that comes to your mind is that horrible “A” word. That word is abortion. It doesnt mean it is the right thing to do, but its a natural instinct. . . . I told myself I had to get an abortion.

However, the day Lindsey went to get an abortion, she learned she was further along than she thought – about four months. The doctor recommended a New Orleans abortion provider that performs late-term abortions. Lindsey’s mom had an abortion many years earlier. She didnt want her daughter to endure that same pain, so she urged her to visit the Care Pregnancy Clinic. Lindsey reluctantly agreed.

When she arrived at the Care Pregnancy Clinic, she spoke with “a wonderful nurse who was able to open [her] eyes“. While it wasnt an easy decision, Lindsey halfheartedly chose to give her little baby life. She said, “I will need help staying life minded; with all the pressures and embarrassments I may be tempted to abort my baby. Would you please keep me on tract? Her honesty was so genuine.  Now she is overjoyed with her daughter, Jayden. The Nurse – whose name is Tess – adds that since their first meeting, Lindsey is making “good decisions for herself and her baby”.

Tess said Lindsey agreed to share her story so that friends like you can see the difference theyre making. And today Lindsey is proof that by Gods blessing, you make a lifesaving difference. Thank you for giving the gift of life. I wonder what God has planned for Lindsey’s baby? We couldn’t do this without you and the Lord.  Thank you!


Crisis pregnancies effect people from all races, backgrounds, and ages.  At a time when a mother should be excited and happy, she can feel quite frightened and alone. Sharie is someone like that.

Sharie is a young widow with two children.  She had a great relationship with her late husband and was heartbroken when her husband passed away.  When Sharie found out she was pregnant again, her new boyfriend told her she should abort the baby.

Sharie didnt know what to do.  She felt alone and helpless.  She doesnt trust this boyfriend like she did her husband.  She didnt know what else to do, so she came to the Care Pregnancy Clinic.  She knew they would be able to help her with her situation, because they helped her with her other two children.

The counselor listened to all her fears and then encouraged her to trust Jesus.  As Sharie listened to her counselor talk about her relationship with Jesus, she began to see that she wanted a closer relationship with Him and recommitted her life. Sharie decided not to abort her baby and to trust that Jesus would provide for her and her children.

It is truly through God’s grace and your life gifts that the Care Pregnancy Clinic is able to answer the call and provide limited medical services, such as the ultrasounds, that make such a difference for life.

Crisis pregnancies have no barriers, our client’s circumstances and backgrounds vary and it is an honor to serve them.


Advocates for abortion say that it is the mother’s choice whether or not to end her pregnancy. The truth is that most women are pressured into an abortion by people around them.  Lori is someone like that.

Lori was single and pregnant. She knew her relationship with the father was going nowhere, and her roommates told her abortion was the only answer. So Lori made an appointment to end her pregnancy.

But Loris thoughts of uncertainty kept her awake, so she opened up the phonebook to the Yellow Pages under abortion and the first thing she saw was an ad with the website www.achoice.org. After reviewing the information she then made an appointment on-line to come into the Care Pregnancy Clinic.  She was relieved to know that she was at the right place; especially after she met with our medical staff and learned what happens during the abortion procedure.

She said, “If I hadn’t gone to The Care Pregnancy Clinic when I did, I would have chosen abortion and my little daughter and I would have never met.” She was glad that she took the time to drive from Springfield.

It is truly through God’s grace and your life gifts that the Care Pregnancy Clinic is able to answer the call and provide limited medical services, such as the ultrasounds, that make such a difference for life.

Crisis pregnancies have no barriers, our client’s circumstances and backgrounds vary, and it is an honor to serve them.  This month I am so thankful that your financial support gives me an opportunity to serve my God, not only by saving babies, but also by saving their mothers. Be comforted in knowing that every penny that is invested by you is dedicated for life saving services.

Soldier with a Crisis Pregnancy

Marianna enlisted into the Army straight out of high school. When she got back, she found herself pregnant with only a part time job at a clothing store to support herself. As the oldest, it had always been important to her that her little sister could look up to her as someone who did what was right. She now wondered how she could be the role model she wanted to be pregnant and unmarried. She thought if she had an abortion her problem would go away and her little sister would never know she was a failure. When Marianna called the Care Pregnancy Clinic after looking for an abortion clinic on the web, the operator told her that our doctor recommends she comes in for a pre-pregnancy termination assessment so she will not go through the procedure unnecessarily. She couldn’t make an appointment because she had to get a ride. When Marianna walked in, she immediately felt at ease. After confiding to her nurse, Laurie, that she had Chlamydia previously, Laurie talked to her about testing for STDs before going through an abortion procedure as that could cause the infection to intensify and cause greater problems. Marianna began to see that having an abortion could cause more problems than she realized and after seeing her 12 week baby on the ultrasound, she couldn’t see any other option than giving her child life. Marianna shared with us how the CPC was able to make a difference in her life. “The answers and information I needed, every question was answered to fulfillment. The spiritual guidance was helpful and I was given a Bible which I felt was very useful and showed the compassion of the people in the organization. Choosing to keep the baby is my own decision, and it wasn’t looked down upon. I was very pleased with that!”


A very upset Ginny came into the Care Pregnancy Clinic (CPC). She is a senior in college who is pregnant, and doesn’t believe in abortion. However, she is worried that if she sits out of college at this time in order to have her baby, she may lose her scholarship. She already has one child and does not feel she can take care of two at this time.  She was embarrassed for others to know about her pregnancy.

She told the nurse that she found CPC on the internet and wanted to know more about our services. The nurse went over all the services that we provide and explained the “Patient Right’s Card” with her, revealing the possible side effects of abortion.

When the nurse spoke to her about her spiritual well-being, Ginny had never even heard about how to be saved. As the nurse told her about how much God loves her, she cried so much that she had trouble talking. She asked Jesus to come into her heart and save her. When she left she was still unsure about whether she was going to keep her child, but a new work was begun in her heart.

Her life and the life of her child is still in the Valley of Decision. Please, continue to pray that the Spirit of God will finish the work He began in her heart through His Word that was planted at the CPC.


Billie, a college student, came into the Care Pregnancy Center undecided about what to do about her pregnancy. She told Ms Rebecca, the Care Pregnancy Clinic counselor, “I want to go to Law School, but having a baby now would abort my plans. I must have an abortion.” She felt there was no way she could afford all her schooling while raising a baby, and that she could not deal with studying and being a mother.

Growing up she believed that abortion was wrong, but now it is the convenient way out of her dilemma. During the counseling and medical consultation, it was discovered that Billie did not understand that abortion was a serious surgery until she agreed to view the DVD, A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure. After watching the video and a having rather lengthy session with the CPC counselor, Billie agreed to return for her next CPC appointment for the additional medical consultation services and to receive her STD (sexual transmitted disease) testing results. Abortion Clinics do not screen for STDs before performing abortions.

Billie was abortion bound with her baby. Realizing that having an abortion with an STD could spread the disease and have severe health risk for her life, Billie considered all that she had learned and grasped the seriousness of her decision. After much soul searching, she decided that with her familys help, she could go to school and still keep her baby.

It is because of you that mothers see the value of life! Your donation is Urgently needed today, so that more lives like Billie can be changed!


Patty came into the Care Pregnancy Clinic after being taken to two abortion clinics. The first one told her she was too far along for them to do the abortion. However, the second clinic was ready to take Patty right then. Patty remembered the term paper she had written in school and the thought that she could never abort any of her children. She was mad with herself for letting the situation go this far. She hesitated in her decision and told the abortion clinic she would think about it.

Unknown to Patty, God had caused her to be cautious and wait. Shortly after visiting the abortion clinics, Patty came to us. Our counselor ministered to Patty in many ways giving her comfort, peace, care, and much needed information. After the counselor shared with her the “Patient’s Rights” presentation, Patty was shocked. No one had ever told her of the dangers, complications, and long-term problems associated with abortions. After hearing this presentation, Patty made this profound statement… “ You have told me more about abortion than any one else especially the abortion clinics. I am so happy I didn’t go through with it. When I was in those clinics, I saw girls who were 6 to 7 months pregnant having an abortion. Thank you for helping me.”

Soon, a special little life will come into the world and Patty will become a proud mother. Thank God for this mother and her child. The love and mercy of our great God was once again displayed in a powerful manner. God must have great plans for both of them.


Coming into the Care Pregnancy Clinic a frightened young lady, our counselor quickly comforted her and made her feel wanted. That was just the thing Tamisha was hoping for. Just the day before, she had been told by her doctor that because of her heart problems, she would never be able to carry this baby to term or any other baby for that matter. The mounting stress from being abandoned, having heart problems, and now knowing she could not carry this child was too much for Tamisha.

She just wanted all these problems to go away and was sure she was going to have an abortion.

Our sensitive counselor began to gently minister to her. Tamisha seemed to have the weight of the world upon her shoulders and there was no way out from under it. But God always seems to intervene just at the right time. The longer the counselor talked with her, the softer her heart became. She made another appointment with our clinic and seemed very hopeful that she could carry the baby to term. By the end of the session, Tamisha had decided to take the first steps toward giving her baby up for adoption. The counselor gave her some much-needed information to guide her in this process. Her last words were “Thank you for guiding me through this process”. Thank God, Tamisha chose life!


Lacreshea and her boyfriend came to the Care Pregnancy Clinic to have a pregnancy test. She was very abrupt and matter of fact and did not want to interact with the counselor very much. When her test came back positive, she was furious. “Not again” she said under her breath. The counselor tried to respond, but Lacreshea was a bit hostile to her.

Sensing the frustration of this young lady, our counselor calmly walked her to the appointment desk and set up a second visit. In the second visit, an ultrasound is performed. The counselor knew that if Lacreshea could see her baby it would change her thinking. The boyfriend was very upset because she had to come back for another visit. “Let’s just end this now” he yelled.

To the counselor’s delight, Lacreshea came back for her next scheduled visit, though she was not very happy. The counselor greeted her with a great big smile and took her into the counseling room. It was then that Lacreshea opened her heart to the counselor. Lacreshea already had one child who is physically disabled and was pressured to terminate this pregnancy by her grandmother several years ago. Now the counselor understood. Lacreshea was terrified and her life seemed to be falling apart. Hoping that the ultrasound picture would help Lacreshea to see and love what was growing in her, the counselor and nurse performed the ultrasound procedure. Lacreshea was absolutely overjoyed when she saw the picture of a perfectly formed baby. She said with joy in her voice “it looks like my baby is praying”. This is just what Lacreshea needed. Her fear was gone. She turned to her counselor and asked if they could talk privately.

Back in the counseling room, Lacreshea thanked the counselor for being so patient with her and was glad the counselor didn’t give up on her even with such a bad attitude. Lacreshea asked if the counselor would tell her why she was always so happy. Before Lacreshea left that day, the counselor had spoken to her about the Lord and prayed for her. Lacreshea asked the counselor if she would stay in contact with her and then left with joy in her heart.


When Tonya came into the Care Pregnancy Clinic, she had been living on the streets for two years. When the counselor heard how long she had been a “street person,” she was shocked. You see, Tonya had just turned 15 two weeks earlier. The counselor knew she had to be very careful and gentle with Tonya.

The more Tonya shared her story with the counselor, the more our counselor’s heart ached for her. Tonya’s story began shortly after she turned thirteen. Her stepfather and stepbrother abused her and her Mother. Nothing her Mother said ever stopped the beatings. The only solution Tonya could think of was to run away from home. To Tonya’s disappointment, no one even tried to find her.

Our counselor asked why she came to the clinic. Tonya’s response was heartbreaking. She said that several months ago, she was attacked by a strange man who took advantage of her. Now she was afraid she was pregnant. Of course, Tonya’s lifestyle was not conducive to raising a child. In Tonya’s mind, there was no other choice but to end this pregnancy. The counselor discussed several other options with her and set a plan in motion for Tonya to make a positive informed decision.

Tonya agreed to come back for another visit to have an ultrasound and see her baby. After seeing the life growing within her, she began to cry. She said, “it looks like my baby is kicking his legs and having fun.” This struck a deep cord in Tonya’s heart, as her young life was not filled with fun, but pain and hurt. Tonya was now more determined than ever to give this child the chance she never had. The Care Pregnancy Clinic was able to find both Tonya and baby a safe place to live and a new fresh start at life.


At the Care Pregnancy Clinic, many of the women we serve have little or no relationship with their own mothers. We have the privilege of helping them to gain wisdom, learn the joy of sacrifice, experience love, and cultivate a nurturing relationship with their own children.

This is one of the ways we did just that. We are always amazed at the hardships our clients endure. Gabby, a beautiful high-spirited teen was forced to grow up quickly. Grace, the Care Pregnancy Counselor, could tell she had been hurt. However, she had no idea how badly. Gabby had been taken away from her guardian by her mother and sold to men for drug money. Gabby did not know how to trust. Her mother had taken away that ability through the abuse she had subjected her to. Now Gabby was safe, but she was also pregnant.

It was hard for Gabby to understand why this was happening to her. She did not make the bad decisions, but now she had to deal with the consequences. Grace, the counselor, was broken-hearted for her young client. Gabby did not even know who the father of this child was and she felt that her only option was to end her pregnancy. Gabby felt as though everyone would understand if she did not have this baby because of what she had been through. Grace told Gabby it was important that she understood what having an abortion meant. So, she asked her if she could show her a video that explained the abortion procedure. You could tell that the presentation had an impact on Gabby as she intently listened to the information. She said that she could never hurt her baby like that. She agreed to the pregnancy confirmation via ultrasound. After seeing her child, she decided to place her baby for adoption. Grace told Gabby how proud she was of her and how this would be the most difficult, but most generous, sacrifice a mother could make for her baby. Gabby recently had her little girl and made someone’s Mothers Day very special. Gabby is confident in the life choice she made for her baby.

A True Voice of Love

This week a mother called the Care Pregnancy Clinic (CPC). She was in search of a nurse that could talk with her abortion determined daughter Lysa, who recently found out she was pregnant and had scheduled her abortion. She had tried to share the abortion risk with her daughter, but realized she was too close to the situation to be heard.

When her daughter Lysa arrived at the CPC for her appointment, during her medical consultation she told the CPC nurse that she wasn’t totally sold on having an abortion, but was anxious about finances and was repulsed about being a single mom. She also felt pressure because the father of the baby was insisting that she have an abortion. But after recognizing how abortion could harm her, she decided to postpone her abortion appointment and voiced her concerned that the abortion facility would not refund her $180.00 abortion deposit.

Lysa scheduled a return visit so she and her boyfriend can view their baby via ultrasound together. Lysa’s mother was relieved to know that the Care Pregnancy Clinic was able to provide genuine hope to her daughter.

Your investment helped Lysa decide to have her baby; she’s considering placing her baby for adoption. She’s agreed to ongoing counseling and our pre-natal classes. She said “I thought my mother would be furious with my poor choices. It’s cool how supportive she is about my crisis pregnancy. I know for sure I can count on my parents”.

All of us here at Caring to Love Ministries are forever grateful for generous friends like you, and we are committed to using your gift wisely. In fact, $0.95 of every $1 goes directly into saving lives.

Please reach out once again to help the young teens and women that walk into the Care Pregnancy Clinic for solutions to their crisis pregnancies rather than going to the abortion facility. An envelope is enclosed for any donation you can make today. We will be deeply grateful for your life saving support.

For Lysa, understanding abortion risk and ultrasound saved her baby. Her baby made an impact, already by putting a smile on her mommy, daddy, and grandma when they saw her baby on the ultrasound.

Your gift of $100.00 provides one young women with a pregnancy test, counseling, and medical consultation with factual abortion risk. Just $75.00 provides a client with a nurse counselor home visit! A young teen struggling with a life decision can receive a medical consultation for $55.00 or she can see her baby via ultrasound for $30.00 a month for one year.

I wish Lysa’s crisis pregnancy was unique. Regrettably, there has been an increase of young girls nonchalantly abortion determined.

Our need is great please consider donating to the Care Pregnancy Clinic so that more medical consultations (abortion risk awareness) and ultrasounds can be provided to abortion determined women.

Please pray for Lysa, her parents and baby during their decision times.

We didnt have enough money to abort!

Chloe and her new husband came to the Care Pregnancy Clinic (CPC). All she could think was “This is not a good time to have a baby. My husband is out of work; I have to eliminate the problem.”

Newly married, Chloe and her husband are out of work, and filled with uncertainty. The couple has already visited an abortion provider, but was several dollars short for the down payment and could not proceed with the procedure. The Care Pregnancy Clinic is their last resort for help.

“I did not see any other way, I had my mind made up when I walked into The Care Pregnancy Clinic, determined that I was not having a baby,” Chloe said. “We did not have enough money to abort! This pregnancy will cause my husband to have a meltdown.”

Because of your prayers and support for The Care Pregnancy Clinic, hearts and lives are open to hear the truth that saves lives.After reading her positive pregnancy test results, Chloe was eager to continue with her medical consultation with the CPC nurse and receive her ultrasound. Within minutes Chloe saw her fully formed baby, growing and moving inside her, and she was moved to ask the nurse to note on the ultra-sound image “I am here to stay”. Equipped with accurate facts and resources that are provided by the Care Pregnancy Clinic, the couple made a LIFE changing decision, they kept their baby.

After reading her positive pregnancy test results, Chloe was eager to continue with her medical consultation with the CPC nurse and receive her ultrasound. Within minutes Chloe saw her fully formed baby, growing and moving inside her, and she was moved to ask the nurse to note on the ultra-sound image “I am here to stay”. Equipped with accurate facts and resources that are provided by the Care Pregnancy Clinic, the couple made a LIFE changing decision, they kept their baby.

“The nurses at CPC talked to me and made me feel special. They took the time to look me in the eyes and encouraged me, and let me know, that through Christ all things are possible. The Care Pregnancy Clinic made me feel very comfortable”. – Chloe

Because of you, 229 babies’ lives were saved last summer. When it comes right down to it, the partnership that means the most is the one we have with you. Your support of The Care Pregnancy Clinic is the reason all of this is possible. Without your constant prayer, your dedicated volunteer work, and your generous gifts, the Care Pregnancy Clinic could not exist.

Because of you, 229 babies’ lives were saved last summer. When it comes right down to it, the partnership that means the most is the one we have with you. Your support of The Care Pregnancy Clinic is the reason all of this is possible. Without your constant prayer, your dedicated volunteer work, and your generous gifts, the Care Pregnancy Clinic could not exist.

Chloe gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Gavin. She reconnected with The Care Pregnancy Clinic for practical support and opened herself to learning more about the Gospel. Shortly thereafter, Chloe made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

Chloe continues to grow in her relationship with the Lord, sharing what she now sees, God has always been working in her life. Despite numerous challenges in her life, Chloe says. “I surrendered my heart to the Lord, and I gave up my will and my life to Him. He’s been knocking on my heart for a long time and I finally answered.”

This is why I am asking you to make a special three-month commitment this summer, to help young girls like Chloe save their babies’ lives. Please send a gift of $100.00 or $200.00 today in July, one more just like it in August and another in September. Or feel free to make one large gift for the entire summer, and send it today.

Either way, your donation will be put to work in saving lives immediately.

We have been very busy, with over 1447 women and their families served this past year. These clients have received more than 13,738 free services (pregnancy tests, medical consultation, STD testing, ultrasound exams and 24-hour Help Line calls, maternity support, post-abortion counseling, food baskets, SAFE relationship abstinence education and Gospel Outreach.)

We are thrilled to share that over 860 babies have been saved this past year – children like the one mentioned in the story. 328 people have received the glory of Jesus Christ in 2014! In addition, our client website served 148 clients from Mississippi and other states.

What a difference your Summer Gift Commitment will make in lives like Chloe’s, when her baby’s life hangs in the balance! Whether you can send one large gift today or a special gift each month, your donation will be put to work as soon as it arrives. No gift is too large or too small!

Remember – each time you give to the Care Pregnancy Clinic, you are helping us save a baby’s life, and the mother from making a tragic mistake.

I pray that you help us today make an impact on young girls who seek abortion and need to be guided to choose life. You can help by sending your Summer Gift Commitment today.

Thank you for fighting with us to save lives this summer and offering hope all year long.

P.S. P.S. Summer months are challenging for us too, please help us. We need to raise $15,000.00 a month for the next three months. Pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do.

Offering a choice for life