SAFE Program

Helping teens make healthy choices.

This great and exciting outreach to middle school and high school students is a straight forward open and honest presentation about how real and lasting relationships are built. SAFE covers topics such as goal setting, maturity and character building, abstinence, STD’s, levels of intimacy, setting your standards, dealing with peer pressure, and true love. There is also a portion of the presentation that helps those who have already “crossed the line” understand that it is never too late to start over. God reaches to the lowest point of our lives with His forgiveness.

There have been literally thousands of students commit to remaining pure and abstinent after hearing this dynamic presentation. Many of the school administrators have been overwhelmed by the changes in their student body and have asked us to come over and over again.

This presentation has branched out to parent groups, church groups, and other organizations. As you can see, we need your help. Consider being a part of something that is truly making a difference.

SAFE is seeking energetic people to teach students in the school system about healthy relationships!

If you are interested in changing the life of a teen,
call (225) 273-1124 to find out when the next training date.

Our Mission:

To give students tools to help them build healthy relationships and postpone sexual involvement until marriage.

Effective Instruction:

Our program presents the potential risks of early sexual involvement but also highlights the many positive reasons to wait. A partnership with SAFE provides teachers with the opportunity to enhance their Health curriculum. Our services are free, so that every student benefits from this life-changing message. Our certified speakers are energetic, fun, creative and will love interacting with your students!

Components of the Presentation:

  • Goals – Helps students understand the choices they make today do impact their future.
  • Maturity – Discusses responsibility, respect & restraint.
  • Reasons, Risks/Results – Highlights the reasons teens are sexually active and the potential risks involved.
  • Setting Your Standard – Carefully describes how a typical relationship might progress and teaches students where to draw the line physically in their dating relationships.
  • Levels of Intimacy – Explains true intimacy and friendship.
  • Love vs. Infatuation – Helps students reflect on how true love impacts a relationship.
  • Refusal Skills – Presents options to help deal with negative peer pressure.
  • Starting Over – A hopeful section that describes how to start over by making healthy choices.

What Others Are Saying:

‘S.A.F.E. is presented in such a way as to draw each student into thought provoking discussion and give them vital information necessary to make appropriate choices.’

– Kenneth Worsham High School Principal, Parkview Baptist School

‘Not only was the information current and relevant, but age appropriate as well.’

– Kenneth Patin Principal, Baker High School

‘I feel better about myself because I know now I can give up sex even though I have been with different guys.’

– Teenager at Baker High

‘It\’s great. I wish she could have talked to me earlier.’

– Teenager at Baker High

‘The presentation was excellent, and the speaker was well-prepared, sincere, and comfort- able with the crowd.’

– Parent