It is the mission of Life Radio to provide informative resources and services which are:

  • Accurate, fair, and Biblically balanced
  • A presentation on the abortion related issues in the courts
  • Representative of the viewpoints or segments of our society not normally represent by secular media
  • Communicated with good taste in a sensitive manner

Dorothy Wallis interviewing Father Pavone (left) and Janet Morana (right) with Priest for Life organization.

Dorothy Wallis interviewing Jennifer Bingham with Susan B Anthony organization about get out the vote.

Dorothy Wallis, Radio Host

Dorothy Wallis and Aveida King (left, niece of Martin Luther King) and Kristin Hawkins (right) from Student for Life International

Dorothy Wallis and Eric Shedlier

Dorothy Wallis & Todd Clayton (Co-Host)

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Other Special Guests:

Tony Perkins

Family Research Council

David Vitter

Fmr. US Senator

Sharon Weston Broome

Fmr. US Senator & Mayor of Baton Rouge

Bobby Jindal

Fmr. Gov. of Louisiana

Rick Santorum

Fmr. US Senator

Bob Dole

Fmr. US Senator

Regina Barrow

US Representative

Dan Quale

Fmr. Vice President

Newt Gingrich

Fmr. Speaker of the House

Mike Foster

Fmr. Gov. of Louisiana

Wellington Boone

Harold Cassidy

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