Planned Parenthood Staffer Calls 911 in Panic After Botched Abortion: ‘We Can’t Stop the Bleeding’

Below this article you will find video footage of a woman who was transported to the hospital in Spokane, WA for hemorrhaging. “This is Angie from Planned Parenthood. We need an ambulance for a patient we can’t get to stop bleeding.” a Planned Parenthood caller told a 911 dispatcher. The Planned Parenthood worker was transferred to a Fire Department dispatcher who asked her what happened. The rest of the recording was redacted. Planned Parenthood in Spokane had no ability to treat this patient who suffered a common abortion complication. “Many women are not aware that free-standing abortion facilities cannot help them in the event of a medical emergency and that there will be delays in receiving emergency care.” said Pro-Life Nation President Troy Newman.

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