Past Abortion, Future Abortion?

Jasmine was a 22 year old student that was working part time at a fast food restaurant with part time hours. She had no worries, other than getting her homework in on time, until she found out that she was pregnant. Jasmine broke down immediately into tears because she was upset and angry due to the fact that this is not something that she would ever accept or love. Jasmine immediately considered that abortion would be the best thing. Jasmine had been pregnant previously and made the decision to abort her unborn child due to her past financial situations. Jasmine visited The Care Pregnancy Clinic and expressed her concerns with the CPC counselor and the pressures she had experienced in her previous abortion.

The Nurse Sarah at The Care Pregnancy Clinic showed genuine concern and encouraged Jasmine to push forward knowing that at times there would be difficult days ahead; but placing her faith in Jesus everything would eventually turn out for her good. The life affirming services provided benefited her greatly. Jasmine commented on her exit interview,

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