Mom’s Premonition Saves Botched Abortion Victim’s Life

On September 5th, Joan Pernicano caught video of an ambulance leaving an abortion clinic in San Diego, California with a very upset mother yelling as her daughter was loaded into the ambulance.

The mother called 911 when the abortionist Robert Santella and staff refused to do so. She tried to reach her daughter when she heard her calling to her in distress during the abortion, but the abortionist refused to allow her to go back to her daughter.

The mother didn’t want her daughter to have the abortion and tried to talk her out of it, but when her daughter wouldn’t change her mind, she went with her to the abortion clinic because she had a premonition that something would go wrong. The daughter spent eight days in the hospital, receiving a hysterectomy and being treated for infection. If it hadn’t been for the mother, she likely would have bled to death.

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