Compassionate Post Abortive Healing

According to Time Magazine 65% of women at age 45 has had an abortion. Polls also exposed that one of every four women has had an abortion.

Abortion hurts women leaving them with devastating effects on their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. And now for the first time in over twenty-five years we are hearing that women are crying out for justice in our nation.

Awaiting the day that the medical and legal community will recognize the failure of the experimentation on women through abortion. It was not long ago that women were facing the neglect of experimentation from the medical community. Their lives and the live of their children threatened through thalidomide and diethylstilbesterol (D.E.S). Women’s reproductive lives were threatened then just as they are now through abortion on demand. The fact is that abortion hurts women and it is important to keep in mind the post abortive woman’s fear of ridicule and criticism. In order to begin the healing process it is vital that we understand care and accept them before they are willing to disclose these fears. Only the blood of Christ can heal their guilt, but the acceptance of others can help heal their shame. It is imperative that we are here for hurting women after they have been neglected and abused. Take a stand and join with the thousand of women who need our help to start a new beginning freed from the enormous guilt, shame and self destructed behavior that is symptom of post traumatic stress disorder.

Please join with Caring to Love Ministries and share in the gift of life and healing. If someone you know needs individual counseling please call 225-272-3680 or contact the Care Pregnancy Clinic.