Baby Parts Take Precedence

9 Women and Babies Hurt by Botched Abortions

“Botched abortions are at an all time high with each additional abortion associated with an even higher death rate. Women who have had two abortions were 114% more likely to die during the abortion, and women had three or more abortions had a 192% increased risk of death. According to a recent study published by the European Journal of Public Health.” says Dorothy Wallis.

In Houston, TX, nine ambulances have been seen leaving the Planned Parenthood Ambulatory Surgical Center from January to June. The 911 records have been obtained from the public records of 6 women rushed to the hospital because of hemorrhaging and a perforation of the uterus.

One of the 911 calls featured Tram Nguyen, who was worker caught selling baby eyes on the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. Nguyen explained to the 911 dispatcher the condition of the patient. “We have a patient who just had a medical procedure and she’s experiencing bleeding and needs to be transported to Ben Taub per our physician orders,” she said. “She has I.V. access so we need an ACLS-equipped ambulance, please.” I think this is odd that the president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards failed to disclose this information to Congress.

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