Abortion nurse: I saw filthy rooms, dirty decisions

Source: One News Now (https://goo.gl/jSPrNL)

Former abortion clinic workers are revealing what goes on in abortion clinics.

And Then There Were None is a ministry founded by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, who fled the industry after witnessing a fetus struggle then die in an ultrasound-guided abortion.

Johnson has said she founded the ministry to assist clinic workers in leaving the industry, too, such as nurse Shelley Guillory. She left the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she was troubled by what she witnessed there.

“There was a lot of illegal activitiy as far as minors were concerned,” Guillory says. “We didnt verify whether the person bringing them was actually the parent. There were abortions being done, later term, meaning we were actually allowed to do them according to the doctors ability.”

The surgery rooms were not cleaned between abortions, she also discloses, only after the last patient left at the end of the day.

hand with ultrasound wandWhat changed the picture for Guillory was her return to work after the sudden loss of her 20-year-old son. At the clinic that day, she began crying.

“I remembered the love you feel for your children,” she says.

Grieving the loss of her son, she wondered how she could justify continuing to “inflict this pain on someone else by doing abortions.”

Abby Johnson helped Guillory leave the abortion industry and become employed as a psychiatric nurse.

Several others who left the profession through the ministry appear in a recent video detailing how abortion clinics pressure people into abortion and avoid parental notification, all for the purpose of making sure a mother is sold on aborting her child.

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