June 18, 2004

Post Abortion / Abortion Victims Bill

The Abortion Victim’s Bill was born in 1997. I asked Rep. Thornhill to introduce this measure to give a mother up to ten years to sue the abortion provider because of complications, both physically and emotionally, from abortion. Once again in 2001, the abortion industry was screaming, “they’re trying to close s down.”

This law has literally gone through the mill. Governor Foster signed it in 1997, and in the same year, a New Orleans Federal Judge struck it down and ruled it unconstitutional. They thought the law was dead, but through the appeals process, it revived. Another stab was made to strike it down in 1998 when the U.S. District Court ruled on it. Once again, it was said to be unconstitutional and the law was blocked. In 1999, an anti-life group filed a suit in the 10th Judicial Court against Governor Foster to hold him personally liable if the restraining order was lifted and the law took effect. In a 10 to 14 decision, the judges ruled that Governor Foster was the executor of the state and he was not personally enforcing the law under the 11th Amendment.

In 1999, this bill was taken to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which affirmed that it was unconstitutional. Then, this same court vacated its decision in March of 2001 and agreed to start hearing arguments all over again. It was a miracle! This decision brought the bill into state court where Judge Janice Clark heard the arguments and ruled. The Abortion Victim’s Bill became law in August of 2002.

The abortion industry is protesting that they are being discriminated against simply because a woman now has the right to sue due to a butchered abortion where a doctor failed to inform her.

Roy Mongrue, arguing for the Attorney General’s Office said, “What’s wrong with the truth? They are afraid of truth because it’s scary.” He is right. It would be very terrifying for women to know what tormenting pain it is to have their babies ripped from their wombs. Once again, abortion providers have their minds set that they are above the law. Their greatest nightmare is facing the haunting cries for justice from aborted babies as class-action lawsuits are filed against them. The reality is that the babies are the ones who are being discriminated against. Their constitutional rights were ruled null and void. They were executed without a trial. They were not protected under the due process clause.

It is necessary when addressing the victims of abortion to realize that most of them were deceived into believing that abortion was the only quick solution to their unprepared pregnancy. Whenever there is an abortion, there are always three victims: the baby whose life was destroyed, the mother whose emotional and physical well-being are being wrecked, and the father. In some cases, the fathers do not want their girlfriends and wives to abort their babies, although the fathers who standup to voice their concerns are a minority.

The real issue here is deception. The abortion providers claim they are fighting for women’s rights by opposing the Abortion Victim’s Bill, but that argument is shot down by their own behavior. They deliberately fail to provide women with accurate information as they pressure them into a decision to abort. The environment of their own clinics is unsafe for mothers, displaying despicable sanitation. That sounds like a back-ally abortion dispensary. If their concerns were really for the mothers, where they say it is, they would be the strongest supporters of this law. The fact remains that the truth of abortion is too horrible for them t disclose to their patients and retain business at the same time.

-Dorothy Wallis