We need your help!


GOD IS WITH US! In just over a month after a prolonged rainfall event that resulted in catastrophic flooding in  Baton Rouge, the Care Pregnancy Clinic is serving about 4 clients per day. Many are scheduled for the upcoming clinic days. Thanks to the kind people from Louisiana Baptist Children's Home and Cindy and Ron Kouf along with Michelle Chadwick founder of Image clear Ultrasound (ICU) from Akron Ohio we now have 2 mobile clinics. Each of these are equipped with a LIFE saving ultra-sound machine. Mike Bennett, a long time friend of Don and Dorothy Wallis, drove to Ohio to bring one of the units to Baton Rouge.

We are still in the rebuilding process. Caring To Love is grateful to our ministry staff along with, Community Bible Church, First Presbyterian Church,Teen Pact, Cross Fire Church and many Friends of the ministry that prefer to remain anonymous but have gone above and beyond to excavate our buildings.

Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

The Care Pregnancy Clinic is in disarray after suffering nearly half a million dollars in water damage in Louisiana's historic flooding. We need your help!

Here are some things we currently need:
Professional Services:

Before we can begin to rebuild we need to dry out all of our facilities. We also have need for other professional services. Please call or text 225-281-3682, if you can help.

1. We need a total of 6 dehumidifiers.
2. At our clinic we have 2 air conditioners which need repair
3. We need a plumber to fix our pumping station.


If you or a team of volunteers would like to help, you can call 225-215-0001 to set up a time to help strip drywall and prepare the clinic for recovery.

Maternity and Baby Items:

The baby boutique and Hannah’s Cupboard have been destroyed and all supplies lost. We are in need of the following items to provide to the women and babies we serve.

1. Diapers
2. Wipes
3. Formula and baby food
4. Baby Clothes
5. Maternity Clothes
6. Car Seats
7. Cribs
8. Strollers
9. Baby Toiletries and Essentials
10. Baby Toys

Furniture and Office supplies:

We've lost a number of furniture items in the flood. Can you donate any of the items below?

1. Board room table for 8 or more with chairs
2. Desk for 15 staff
3. Printers for 15 staff
4. Filing cabinets – 3 for accounting
5. Filing cabinets – 2 for events
6. Filing cabinets – 3 for SFW
7. Filing cabinets – 3 for clinic
8. Break/Lunch table for staff
9. Rolling office chairs for 15 staff
10. Office chairs for guests – 10
11. Training folding tables – 3
12. 3 medical exam tables
13. 3 counseling room couches
14. 3 medical office rolling stools
15. 6 counseling/medical room chairs
16. 20 waiting room chairs
17. Administrative and clinic copier

Medical supplies:

We also lost medical supplies. Can you donate any of the items below?

1. 3 Exam tables
2. 3 Cases of exam table paper
3. 3 Boxes each size of gloves – non laytx, vinyl non-powdered (90 day supply)
4. 500 Pregnancy Test (90 day supply)
5. 1 medical scale with weights
6. 1000 Urine Specimen Cups
7. Ultrasound Gel
8. T-spray for cleaning
9. 1000 Paper gowns
10. Paper towels
11. Antiseptic wipes
12. Container for vaginal probe
13. Pre-gelled vaginal probe covers
14. Ultrasound photo paper
15. 3 Distance Lamp
16. 3 medical rolling stools
17. 3 blood pressure cuffs

Message us on Facebook, email us at life@ctlm.org, or call us at 225-215-0001 to donate or volunteer your time!

A  Message  from  Dorothy

A Call to Serve

As we move from our 25th year of providing Life Affirming Services to pregnant women who are facing crisis pregnancies let me say, thank you for those who have stood with us through out the years. We must remain faithful to provide life saving services so that mothers can choose life.

The Care Pregnancy Clinic (CPC) continues to flourish. There is such a demand for our ser-vices for abortion vulnerable women who call us daily. As the appointment book fills with new clients (many days we see 15 to 20 plus a clients a day, most facing crisis pregnancies), as the medical clinic appointments reaches full capacity weeks in advance, as the calls continue to come in for additional counseling and medical services, as calls come in from various schools requesting our SAFE, Relationship Education (abstinence) program … I am amazed at God's grace to see the CPC staff smiling and giving our clients and patients hugs, and meeting their needs. All the while reminding them that they are both precious in Gods site … honestly, it is now becoming a bit overwhelming for all of us.

We need help now because at times it looks impossible. What a great place to be, totally dependent on the Lord. In Psalms 121:1-2 it says, "I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." Our prayer is, Oh Lord, send us help.

What an opportunity for you and Gods people to lend us a helping hand so that our clients can be given the choice to make a Life Decision.

How humbling it is to be the Lord's help; as a young teen or woman, who is in crisis, experiences hope when she hears your soothing voice as you answer the phone … or sees your smiling face offering her a glimpse of hope as she walks into the CPC absolutely frightened … or caring for her as she sits across from you sharing from the depths of her being the sorrow, the confusion, the loneliness that she is experiencing. She feels unloved, forgotten, and used; looking for answers and solutions to the challenging situation and often times doesn’t have a clue how she got to the Care Pregnancy Clinic.

Could this be you or your friend's smiling face, or soothing voice that would give her the help she needs like she’s never known before. Please contact us, because the CPC needs your HELP!!! Today, give us a call and I pray that the Lord will bless you as you do.