Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your on-line resume; as reflected in the Caring to Love Ministries (CTLM) ad, we are a Christian, Life Affirming Medical clinic. CTLM has full time positions only and will verify all previous employers and references.
Our CTLM team members freely worship at their individual churches every Sunday and voluntarily enjoy participating in CTLM’s prayer and devotion every morning. Take this into consideration prior to completing our on line application.

Caring to Love Ministries is:

A Non-profit “Faith Based” ministry.
An equal opportunity employer.
A drug, alcohol, tobacco and profanity free environment.

We are looking to hire qualified ministry personnel and require our candidates to be:
Highly organized, detail oriented, able to multi-task in a rapid paced office handling multiple projects simultaneously. Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel, with excellent written communication skills.

• Committed to attending a local church.
• Willing to have their skills evaluated.
• Willing to work extended hours and week-ends when necessary.
• Have dependable transportation.
• Flexible.

If you feel that you can meet these above requirements, are called to full time ministry and are qualified for the position published, we invite you to complete our online application.
In order to complete the application process, please follow these instructions:

1) Prepare a document which contains both a cover letter and your resume. Please include in your cover letter the reason this position appeals to you, explain what you feel are your special qualifications. Be specific about your experience, skills, and what makes you uniquely qualified for this position. Include your salary history, your contact information and the best time to reach you, if we should select you for an interview.

2) CLICK HERE TO LOG ON TO OUR WEBSITE APPLICATION. When answering the questions on the application, please avoid answering with “see resume”.

3) After completing the application questions, notice the section near the bottom of the page which allows you to attach your resume with cover letter. Click "Choose file" to upload your document.

4) After completing the application and attaching your resume with cover letter, be sure to click "Submit Application"

Our yearly salary amount for these positions ranges from $21,600.00 to $14,400.00 depending on the above mentioned qualifications and experience. We will review your on-line application with your attached resume. Our H.R. receptionist will contact you to ask you a few questions. Interviews are generally scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 10:00am - 3:00 pm for all qualified candidates. No candidate will be considered without fully and correctly completing the on-line application. We look forward to meeting you.

Wishing you the Best,

Human Resources
Caring to Love Ministries